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Why Zaveco?

Make unforgettable memories. collaborating with Zanzibar's local communities Participate in one of our projects to learn about the fascinating culture and people of this tropical paradise.

We feel it is critical to collaborate with all stakeholders in order to make long-term changes in the community. Cooperation and knowledge sharing are key factors in our success. Volunteers assist us in developing and implementing our programs by donating their time, skills, and knowledge.

It is not necessary to have a professional background to participate in our projects. Diverse skills are highly valued and important resources. Our current activities, as well as individual commitment and skills, influence volunteer assignments. For a meaningful exchange with the locals, flexibility, inventiveness, and an open mind are required.

Fill out the application form below if you are interested in joining our team. The information allows us to get a sense of who you are and how you can help us. We'll contact you to discuss and organise your unique volunteer experience in Zanzibar!

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